Anxious for Everything

Anxious we are for everything in this world. Standing in a bus-stand we are anxious whether the bus will be overcrowded or not, at the Airport we are anxious whether the flight will depart in time or not, in the railway station about the train. In reality if someone is not anxious about anything then we think either he is an idiot or a saint. We all have expectations and that makes us anxious for the result. If you want to find a big bunch of anxious people at one place just go any hospital.

What makes me anxious…… well anything. Too much of noise with people shouting at me or others or the complete silence like a lull before the storm. Some of the best sportspeople have said that they like those anxious moments before every performance, as it helps them to psyche themselves up. Anxious moments before every action makes us prepare ourselves but anxiety build up which stays is bad.

Anxiety that leads to nervous breakdown is bad. Now anxiety does not only lead to nervous breakdown but some of the most dreaded problems like hypertension and diabetes. So being little anxious is good but no problem is so insurmountable that it should lead to extreme stress and hosts of associated diseases like Gastritis, Diabetes and Hypertension. For every closed door may be there will be two new doors opening for us. Let us just give our best shot and hope or rather anxiously wait for the best results. Victory should come if it does not then we should give it another try.


12 thoughts on “Anxious for Everything

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