To be true from very tender age almost as an infant I wanted to catch the moon as all infants do. No Luck. As I grew up I craved for  …………….. to become an Author. Why an author? Well when I was in primary school in our school one well known Poetess came. She was invited to Chair our Annual Cultural Day Program. She was so easy going spoke to us, the little ones as if she was our own. Laughed and clapped after our Elocution of her and other Poets poems. All teacher seemed to just try and impress her with their knowledge and she seemed like a giant amongst men.

Her aura seemed to make an interesting impression on me and I wrote few stories and poems which I never showed to anyone. In my world of fantasy they made me great author revered by many. My love for writing never reduced though I soon understood that I am nothing but a mediocre writer with no talent. However this love of writing my thoughts meant my colleagues had explanatory letters and mailings to read.

Now I have my friends on WordPress being bombarded with many a times boring rantings from me. I thank all my friends for being brave enough to read my rantings and request them to continue. Please do remember this is my 99th Post and with your love I may to some extent fulfill a long cherished and desired dream.

Please keep reading …………….. Love you all.


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