Back to Historical times

Necessity is mother of invention and the greatest necessity at this point of time is to save the Mother Earth of we all cease to exist in may be by the end of this millennium. Many of may think that it is long period of time and anyway I am not going to exist by then. Look at it fro a different angle or perspective Earliest life form started nearly 3.5 billion years ago and the end will also not be very swift. We will have to face floods, drought, cyclones, tsunami, rising sea level, food crisis, drinkable water shortage…. and the list will go on. Actually Mother Nature gives us time to correct the crisis which we human being precipitated.

SO what can we do………. go back to historical times which is regressive. Reduce the carbon print. Use Solar Power. Problem is making Solar cell is not only cumbersome and costly, it is also inefficient. Somehow if we could manage to recycle our solid waste and through Solar heating use it produce power we may still have a chance. Science will make further progress and we may soon have more food food production even in smaller patches of land and water conservation or desalination will perhaps lead to take care water scarcity.



5 thoughts on “Back to Historical times

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