Bus slipping away

1984 I was in 2nd Year of B.Sc. I clearly remember the date 5 days before Christmas 20th December. I went to Library and got ht e book of Thermodynamics I was looking for ‘Zemansky’s Thermodynamics’. While returning from the library after taking the issue I stood in the bus stand for the bus. Most of the buses were overcrowded and I waited for one in which I could get inside the bus. Futile wait yielded no result and in an hours time I jumped onto the foot-board of an overcrowded double-Decker.

The pressure on me while hanging precariously from the foot-board told me I had taken a wrong decision. As the bus started climbing on a flyover  I started slipping. Soon the books slipped out of my hand and before I understood I saw the bus slipping away.Next I saw a group of people standing around as I was lying flat on the road with many buses and cars around. A policeman was kneeling by my side and asked me whether I was alright. As I sat up people around clapped.

It felt so nice to meet my parents , cousins and friends from then on. This is the first time I am sharing this story.

Keep reading. Love you all


9 thoughts on “Bus slipping away

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    • Really narrow …………. I am surprised even now how I survived. Any of the vehicles behind our bus could have crushed me.

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