Time Wasters

I do fly into rage everyday at my own incompetence. Almost everyday morning I forget where I kept my car keys, my mobile, my handkerchief, my tie. Everyday I find them in my drawer just ready to be taken. Mind it they are in place because I kept them but in the rush of things in the morning I just forget to take them while getting ready to go. This prompt gives me an opportunity to find the reason why I am mad at myself every morning. What really happens is my habit of going through the Newspaper in the morning trying to keep myself updated almost always means that I forget to take my personal things while I am ready to go. Now Mrs.Crooked Eyebrows too is rushing for her work which means everybody has to be self sufficient. My staying in Hostels should have made me that but to bumble is perhaps ingrained in me. Is it a disease or just simple non planning I do not know.

I also fly into rage when somebody is inordinately late for a meeting. Time is the most precious thing on the face of the Earth. You can regain everything but not lost time. We have time wasters a lot. Those who just sit along doing nothing but gossiping eating away your time without letting you finish your work are galore in our lives. Yes I can understand we are social animals and have to mingle and have friendly banter every now and then but there are some people who are nothing but time wasters and they have single motto in life of criticizing everything. I feel these people should be banned from public life, put behind bars. Strong statement but they need to see reason.

Sorry for becoming mad again. Keep reading and keep commenting. Love you all.


9 thoughts on “Time Wasters

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  2. This sounds so much like me. I get angry at myself and things I can’t control… and nothing helps once I get myself into that state… except maybe screaming and roaring like a crazy person..

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