Happy New Year to all my Friends. Now we have to look back at this date on January 2, 2015 and see what we have written or how far we have progressed. Where would I like to see myself ?????????? Well throughout our growing up days our parents wanted us to grow up like an normal man. My superiors in job always wanted me to grow or act in certain manner. Now if the Daily Prompt wants me to grow up in a certain manner or progress then sorry I am not going to do that.

Now that my ranting on anybody asking me to change or grow ends here is what I would like to see. I always wanted to be a man who can Compromise anything but Truth. I want to have the courage to be Truthful and be leave anything and everything for TRUTH and ONLY TRUTH. Difficult to be totally truthful come what may. Well let me give it a try and pray for all your good wishes that I may not even speak a white lie.



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