Too Honest ?????

The problem with being honest is either you are honest or you are dishonest. Now from where does this being too honest comes. Honesty by degrees of being honest is something that only we can make up in our mind. If it does hurt me then that is being too honest and if it hurts others but brings gain to me then it is alright to be little dishonest. This must be idea that rose in the mind of Hitler or Mussolini so they must have been honest to different degrees but never too honest.

Come on either you are honest or you are dishonest er better word liar. Advantage being a liar is that for covering one lie you have to make five more lies and it grows on you in geometric proportion and soon you are in web of lies. As we keep repeating lies we start believing our lies as truth. So the need for confession goes and we are then in the midst of our own created world of lies. To the faithful then the need to go to Church / Temple / Mosque ends as the chances of Ultimate Truth ends because lies rule.

Honestly honesty is the best policy only for the best guys/gals for us there is an option of White Lie.  However people cannot change the truth but truth can change people. Swami Vivekananda said, “Mark you, let us all be honest. If we cannot follow the ideal, let us confess our weakness, but not degrade it; let not any try to pull it down.” So come on let us be honest and just honest…………..too honest ?????


12 thoughts on “Too Honest ?????

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