Utopian Dream

Well to write about a new dawn just to mention one early morning sunrise is something not very interesting for someone who is an early riser by habit. Moreover it seemed that daily prompt wanted a real new dawn when there will be tranquility and peace in the world. Maybe an Utopian dream but that is what we all need. There is so much hatred in the name of religion, politics and territorial dominance for economic gains that it is an Utopian Dream to have a peaceful world. 

I pray to Lord,by whatever name you may call him or even not recognize him, that let there be a world of Peace, tranquility and no jealousy. Competition yes, Ambition yes yes but healthy and purposeful. 

Thank God you were riding just a bicycle

It was 4 in the afternoon and I had go for a Football match. Then I was in high school just in my teens and football meant everything in this world. In my new bicycle distance meant nothing. Actually to me it meant independence and thrill of speed.  Road that I used to take had very less traffic and I was at my fastest. In one of the bends I saw a man coming at leisurely speed from the opposite end and somehow I knew that I am going to crash into him. I just lost my balance went straight towards him at my menacing speed. Seeing me veer towards him that man stopped in his tracks and alighted from his cycle. Before he could take any evasive action I went and crashed into him. He fell flat with the cycle on him and me with my cycle on top of that. Somehow he extracted himself and then he helped me get up. I was quivering with fear seeing him hurt, though nothing serious.He smiled and then said “Thank You.” Bewildered I looked at him, he was grimacing in pain but again said,” Thank You and Thank God you were riding just a bicycle. Had you been driving a car then…….”

Well I have used similar statements later on when I was hit by Motorbike thanking for riding a motorbike and not driving a Truck.Interestingly these incidents or rather these undeserved backhand compliments do help the wrong doer correct himself or herself better then full fledged fights that happen after every mistake that is reprimanded in public.


Discussion are to continue and not end dear. Something is wrong with this daily post. You must not be following world politics or national politics (of any country) otherwise you would have known that endless discussion is what we thrive on. If you end the discussion with your so called grand slam then you would soon have a very quiet world with no discussion or room for discussion. Ah “no room for discussion” was something my mother used to say whenever she wanted to put me in place. Now please my dear daily post do not act like my mother or like ……….. those strict teachers of our times. Discussion do not end because they are the way of life and the only way to progress.

Work for No Remuneration

Come on guys………….. we work all the time whether we get money or not. The moment we are completely at rest we are laid to rest. Period. Yes without remuneration we do work. Look at all of you who are blogging just for love of blogging or just about going about enjoying your hobby. Lucky are they who have their hobby as profession rest of us slog it out so that we can later on enjoy our hobby er work in different manner.

Some of us who are intelligent enough (and I am not) make our job our hobby and then pay or no pay we are on it. Then we become Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Mother Teresa. Rest please come back from your work and enjoy your hobby……….which is by the way is work for which you get no remuneration.

Talking Heart to Heart

Perfect post for me. For long long time away from blog unsure how to start and you give the best way to break the ice………….. The best way to break the ice is to start a conversation, despite having every reason to not start one. Talking heart to heart is perhaps the only way to resolve the crisis impending or in process. Our great world leaders always decide that to solve any stalemate is to use weapons of limited or mass destruction killing innocents or children.

Sometimes we stay away from each other for long period of time not knowing how to connect back. Thanks for such posts we can start fresh…….. hope my friends who forgot me on the way will read my posts again and bring back the pleasure of having friends from across the world. Love you all