Incessant Change

We have this habit of continuously changing whether we want or not. Even scientifically we are continuously shedding our cells and adding the new ones, so by seven years we are completely new person but with same old habits. Most interesting part of human life is our continuous endeavour to change our old habits, which may be obsolete or in other words wrong habits. However most interesting part of our ‘habits’ are that they most difficuklt to change or breakdown. Just look at the word HABIT…. now break it down….. remove H and you are left with A BIT….. ok now remove A and you are left with BIT. Remove B, you still have IT. So those of us who say that we broken down a certain habit still have the same otherwise why in tense condition would you bite your nails or your lower lip.

Change or breakdown of habiuts I have tried time and again. I being a hardcore non vegeterian, decided that I need to break this habit of not eating if I did not get Non-veg…. so I went Vegeterian and for nearly two years did not touch Fish, Egg or Meat. Then I found that I was relishing my Vegeterian fare only insisting that I had milk and milk products. Soon took up the vow to leave Milk and Milk products because we human ar the only animal who take milk of other animals even when we do not need them. So another BREAKDOWN of habit. Become Vegan.

A last I have left this continuious habit of having to BREAKDOWN my habits. Comeon we are humans with certain habits which are different from others otherwise we all will be ROBOTS with no bad habit. We procrastinate and then again we only make up or suffer. Yes we should change some ugly habits which make us unsocial but in name of change and conforming to society let us not lose our originality. Let us not be strait jacketed into a society that conforms to everything that some puritan or leader thinks as right. We all are right with our habits which we will break and again resume on our sweet will.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Breakdown.”


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