Allegiance to Humanity

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Pledge Allegiance.”

Allegiance to your nation or nationalism is often quoted as Patriotism. What is Patriotism? Fighting for your country or supporting your country in any discussion vocieferously. Well if you belong to a country that has religion as its base, then it becomes a major question whether your country or religion comes first. The world over turmoil happening on the name of religion, mostly wrongly interpreted puts the whole humanity at risk.

Medieval history is replete with stories when men were killed, women raped and children were maimed in the name of religion and country or Kingdoms. Was that Patriotism? Do we wish to go back to similar situation again.Perhaps some misguided people across the world are doing the same even now, where in the name of religious dominance and countries hegemony aid workers, reporters are being butchered, women hostages raped.

All religion, all countries propagate the message of Peace and Love. Let us forget our petty boundaries and unite for the greater reality of Humanism, Love and Peace. If we have to prove allegiance then let us do it towards our humanity. What does it matter if treatment of Cancer is found in England, France or USA. It should benefit mankind to solve the problem.

Let us rise over everything in our Allegiance to Humanity, to LOVE


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