Garbage free Community

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Community Service.”

Community of a man on move or rather on prepetual motion is something that changes with every other day. That is what is my community is. I am a travelling sales man who needs to cover or criscross nearly 3500 kms every month. I spend most of my nights in buses, trains and in motels or inns. My community keeps changing everyday depending whether I am travelling by Air, bus or train. To add on it many times I have to travel general class and not always premium class as getting the tickets is also a problem.

As my work is always on the move so my community is also always on the move. One thing I have understood that the problems of my community or any community is never static but is dynamic. Any town or city I visit face the same problem, magnitude depending on the size of the city or town. Bigger the city bigger problem. Especially in my country which is continuously trying to evolve into a developed from a developing country rapid urbanisation leads to the main problem of vast amount of garbage accumulation. More the garbage more the pollution to add on it booming population which continuously shifts from the rural area to urban areas to fulfill its dream of better life leads to acute shortage of essential living condition.

The only solution to any problem is education. Educate and empower women and any community or country will grow. The saying by Mahatma Gandhi ‘Cleanliness is next only to Godliness.’ is the only possible if mothers teach or rather ingrain the same in their children.Look at any community or nation that has progressed and it is because of the fit population. A fit popultion grows up in a clean society where sanitation and garbage is managed well. Perhaps this is the reason why Indian Prime Minister starts with fanfare Clean India movement, whatever his distractors may say.

So come let us create a garbage  and pollution free world, where all get an equal opportunity to grow.


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