Always Helpless

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Helpless.”

Sense of helplessness is something that happens to us everyday. Just think when you are trying to write this blog and the laptop just disconnects and despite waiting, praying nothing happens. What are you, helpless. You stand in the airport waiting for the flight to be announced and due to rain, fog or snowing the flight is inordinately delayed, you are helpless.

Everytime I sat for examinations I found questions which seemed to be far fatched imagination of the question setter and I was the most helpless person on the face of the earth.We have been helpless so many times that I feel that the prompt has made me helpless again.

I watched helplessly when Twin Towers were bombed, Taj Hotel, Mumbai was attacked and when bombs went off in Bangkok yesterday.Anything that is not in our control makes us helpless.When I saw Tiger looking into my eyes though I was good 300 metres away from my boat in the Sunderbans I felt a kind of fear and helplessness which cannot be expressed in words.

We need to have to control on situation or we are helpless such as I am on writing about this prompt.


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