Good Time

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Nothin’ But A Good Time.”

I have gone through periods in life when the so called free time is evrything other then Good Time. Just think all your responsibilities vanish for a day…. that is what the prompt says. So frieghtening, you have no responsibilities which means in this world you have no role. Here we blog not just to enjoy but as a kind of responsibility not to the world at large but to ourselves to satisfy our creative urge.Even to have a good time we need to have responsibilty.. to our children, our spouses. Infact we have most of our good times with our friends and most interesting part is that the firends change over a period of time. Your schoolmates our real close pals in your school days, during our days in college different set comes in and as we enter our professional field firstly it is our colleagues who slowly mutate into friends who stay with us throughout our professional lives.

All our enjoyments our fun moments are with them. Some of us think that we will have our fun moments with our families but they are an integral part of all our enjoyment and sorrowful moments especially for us Indians or I could say most of the Asians. We kind of stick together on all ocassions good or bad with our family. Fun is always when we do something contructive which happens mostly with our colleagues turned friends. So I find all my working hours as fun moments, why we even enjoy the deadlines and the tension attached with it.

Yet if you give me free time when I forced to shed all my responsibilities for a day I think it will be a time to update to become a better person, who is capable of giving back something to the society.

Love you all


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