Thinking that we are in control is something that all of us enjoy. We love controlling our enviornment, our society, love having control on our near and dear ones and most importantly we all want to be Masters of the Universe. Now what is the Universe. Scientifically you may say all the galaxies with their conglomerate of stars and planets is the Universe.however in real terms it is our own little world our on lives which is the universe we want to control. How control the Universe or become Master of the Universe…. by controlling your destiny or as they say MAKING YOUR OWN WAY.

Now just think why amongst so many of there is only one ‘Steve Jobs’ or one ‘Bill Gates’. Why only these two or few guys like them change the history of humanity. Why did not many more of their friends who were equally hardworking, devoted perhaps equally intelligent didnot make it. Why only one Newton or one Einstein? Is their a bais for making certain people shine. We all try to form the best sentences to make a beautiful piece of writing but only one Wordsworth or Shakespear rules the language and becomes the centre point on which the whole world hinges.

Dear friends there is something more then simple fate behind this whole exercise of success or mastering the universe. Theer is certainly some other thing then just hard work or fate which is ruling the world. Just think why does intuition come only to few and changes the whole world. People will say they think differently. My question is that they all grew up with boys and girls of their own age and time then why does Marie Curie think of radiation differently then all her classmates or peers.

Just think while we try to make Robots that will serve us like servants or do work for us what if we are set of finely programmed advanced machines which has more connestions then any super computer we make which are programmed to what we are. Now this makes it a completely different proposition to handle. WHAT IF THOSE OF US WRITING THESE BLOG ARE JUST PROGRAMMED TO WRITE BLOGS which will be only be read by fellow bloggers appreciated or ignored.


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