“No, Thank You.”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No, Thank You.”

Most of the time we get requests where we would love to say “No, Thank You.” but end up saying yes. You will have hundreds of inspirational books telling you how to say NO. You are in middle of most urgent work and a request comes for something trivial and we end up doing that instead of telling a simple no.Why this inability to say ‘No.’ The reason is that by telling so we feel we may hurt other person’s feelings or the sense that we can be of help. In reality it is a common tendency of ours to do something which is easy or doable.

Just think you are at a friends place or a relatives place for a meal and you are almost full when someone close asks you to try out something new. The answer should be “No, Thank You.” What do we do, we say that ‘I am almost full, yet I will try a little bit.’ just not to hurt the person and whole night or evening have a sense of fullness and helplessness. How funny.

We should inculcate the ability to say “No, Thank You.” However I have inculcated this habit when someone asks for the books that I love reading and collecting. I have seen people, both friends and relatives, have a habit of borrowing these books from you and have a habit of forgetting to return them. When after a long time you ask for the book they simply forget that they had ever borrowed from you. Same stands true for small loans that you give without a collateral or a promisory note. Most of people simply forget that they had ever taken a loan from you but will remember any favour they had ever done to you. That does not mean you should not help people in need but remember the fact that whomsoever you might have helped will forget.


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