In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Take a Chance on Me.”

Shankai, an uncommon name, a middle level manager of Pharma company looked for stability. Somewhere around late forties this character of my story had no much ambition left in him. He was not a much of job hopper and had decided a build a carreer for himself in  a $ 300 million company. As he grew up to middle level the company got gobbled by a conglomerate. One fine day Shankai found himself in a situation which is a nightmare never dreamt of.

Completely at loss at what to do he tried looking for a change after twenty four years search for stability. Situation that every middle class, ambition less man is afraid of. His son was pursuing engineering from a reputed college with scholarship, wife had a job and father had his pension which made him feel like the only useless person at home. He looked around, got a job in a middle level company with better remuneration, lesser responsibility but at a remote location. Two years passed by and he had only one opportunity to return home.

Life passed in transit from one remote place to another in buses or trains mostly at night and working in the day. The dream of a stable life lost as a daydream. He lost weight and most importantly jest for life. Nothing seemed to fire him up though in terms of work life he was considered as efficient.

One of his friend once suggested that why did he not try out something on his own. Atleast he knew how to sell and in this world anybody can succeed who can sell. This seemed to him as encouraging statement of a friend hwo had too much of confidence in him. Shankai did not have that kind of confidence on himself, so he never took that statement very seriously.

One day while travelling to one remote place from another he got a call from one of old aquaintance, who wanted him to join his start up. The only statement was ‘Take a Chance on me.’ The reality was Shankai wanted those to be his words……. we will continue in our next prompt…. planning to make a string of stories of Shankai with Daily Prompt. Hope you love reading them


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