Shankai’s Metamosphosis

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Missing Seqeuls.”

Life is itself a seqeul as per the religious traditions, you prosper or suffer for the good and bad deeds of your last life which call the Karma Cycle. Shankai, an avid reader and on occasional movie goer had all the sequels in mind but never of movies. He believed any idea should be explored only to a point where it is new or innovative. If you tried to stretch it you would not be doing justice to the original idea. We have had enough of ‘Mummy’ series or Dinosaurs returning and later sequels were just stretching the original idea to a point where you lost the uniqueness.

Shankai, while travelling had this habit of reading mostly racy novels and on rare occassions classics. Last week while returning from tour he picked up ‘Short Stories of Franz Kafka.’ The Metamorphosis left an indelible impression on him. The central character like him was a travelling salesman who had metamorphised into an insect which withered away in the end. He was very impressed by the story which made him remember his childhood when everyday he dreamt of metamorphising into Phantom or Tarzan. Nowadays kids perhaps dream of metamorphosizing into different cartoon characters. His son always wanted to change into ‘Shaggy’ of Scoobi-Doobi-Do. He smiled to himslef.

Today as he was travelling by train, almost empty, dozed off. He had an unusual dream of changing not into an insect or animal but into a do gooder. He saw a different Shankai who was little more lucky, far more ambitious and much more professional….. Shankai, was shuttling from one meeting to another giving presentations, negotiating deals and jetsetting across the world. No more self doubt or indecisiveness but straight forward with confidence calling a spade a spade without fear of hurting others. 

As Shankai moved around in his field of success he now had more time to himself and for his family. He would go out of way to help the needy not just by providing charity but by helping them build up a life for themselves. Doing more for basic needs of women and children by providing for the education of the downtrodden in whatever small manner he could.He was fulfilling the onus of Mother Teresa which she left on all Kolkattans by helping to feed atleast one if he couldnot feed hundred. Doing everything without coming to forefront or in better words by staying invisible was perhaps the right way of serving God in the man.

Somebody tapped on his knee and he woke up with a start to find a beggar with no legs asking for alms. Shankai took sometime to comeback to his senses then as he was trying to take out change from his back pocket when he saw a vendor selling cakes and biscuits. Shankai called him out and asked for a pack of biscuits. The beggar in the meantime had moved on seeking from other passengers in the train. Shankai took few steps towards the beggar and gave him the biscuit pack. The beggar looked at the biscuit pack and then lifted his eyes, Shankai saw the smile of gratitude in those eyes ….. loved this Metamorphosis of his.


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