Time to go

Deep in my sleep He came
Small child with Love in eyes
Smiled and held my hand
Time to go.

Startled I wanted to break-free
Runaway in fear of unknown
I wanted to stay on…. forever
This is not my Time to go.

So much i want to do
I have no time for fun
My responsibilities are immense
It is not my Time to go

What will happen to the little sappling
How will the Dear ones live
What about the responsibilities unfinished
How can this be my Time to go

Smiled the Little One
Looked at me lovingly
Said, ‘You think it is all yours
Am I not yours ….. it is Time to go’

Afraid I get up
Look around and see
Still in my room alone
Child had gone leaving me
I wanted to cry out, ‘ Wait
It is my Time to go.’


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