Back to the Past

via Daily Prompt: Conjure

As Jai sat in front of the TV watching daily dose of Serials with more Ads than content, he pondered about future. At 80, though fit, his life was lonely. In an Indian family the concept of joint family still thrives to an extent. Jay had just lost his ailing elder brother and sister-in-law which made him jittery. Dib, Jay’s son, tried to talk him out of his depressed mood. Jay seemed cheerful while talking to others including his son Dib. However when alone he was conjuring up scenes of death which had already snatched his wife, three brothers and two sisters-in-law.

One day an young acquaintance of Dib turned up when he was not at home. Jai sat down with this young man to give him company and in no time was talking about his past, his school days and there was  a sparkle in his eyes. Little later when Dib returned he found his father busy in gossiping with the young man. Now Dib got an idea to get his father out of depression. After the acquaintance left Dib asked his father to pen down his memoirs. Jai refused flatly.

Two days later Dib found Jai sitting on his desk busy writing. Dib asked his father as to what he was writing. Jai smiled and said my Memoirs but the problem I do not remember many things so what to do. Dib smiled  and said, “At times you can even conjure up the past.”

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