Not again

via Daily Prompt: Lecture

I don’t how many of you being love being lectured, I don’t. Worst part of a lecture is Lecturer, be it college or otherwise, is always condescending. He or she always assumes that the one being lectured is either naive or extremely stupid. As far as I am considered, though I am later, I don’t like being considered either an idiot or stupid.

I still remember college days, one day when during our Chemistry class I became a butt jokes for the whole class. It so happened that one of the Professors, whose shortened name was KB (just initials of his name) was taking our Organic Chemistry class. The sitting arrangement was gallery type and I was in one of the higher benches by the side of the window. I was peering out of the window, across the road there was a house in which a lady was laying ‘Bori’ ( is dried lentil dumpling popular in Bengali cuisine ). Those were designed in the shape of jewellery which is popularly known as ‘Goyna Bori’. I became so absorbed in seeing her laying those intricate pieces of beauty that though I was physically in the class my whole attention was turned to her magnificent effort. Indeed some of those ‘Goyna Bori’ can be so beautiful that they are nothing but a piece of art which is fried in oil and served as side dish with Bengali Cuisine.

We used call KB with pseudo-name ‘Jatayu’ a character created by legendary Indian Film Director Satyajit Ray, who won a lifetime Oscar for his contribution to the art of Cinema, in his story book series ‘Feluda’. Actually description of Jatayu was a balding author who wrote detective fiction, KB was also bald. Jatayu also was mentioned in ‘Ramayana’, epic poem in Hindu religion, as the big bird that tried to fight ‘Ravana’, the demon king.  Like Jatayu of Satyajit Ray KB always found out the absent minded students and made fun of them in the class. He soon found out that I was looking out of the window and not being attentive in the class. Suddenly small of piece chalk, being used by KB to write the formulas in class came and stuck me on my forehead. Startled I looked in the direction from which the missile came and saw ‘Jatayu’, KB giving me a stern look. “Are you in the class?” he howled. I stood up and nodded my head trying to understand what he was teaching in the class by looking at the board. Many things were scribbled but everything seemed hebrew to me.

“So tell me the chemical formula of Tartaric Acid”

Tartaric Acid … now what as that I said to myself trying to return to Chemistry from ‘Goyna Bori’. By then KB had walked up to me and looked in the direction I was looking. He smiled at me returned to the dias and told the whole class, “He was busy looking at ‘Goyna Bori’ and I am asking him about Tartaric Acid. How stupid of me. Now he will come to the dias and tell everyone how to make ‘Goyna Bori’.”

Whole class burst in laughter and some stupid friends started even clapping…. Do you think I can ever love a lecture after that?


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