Drama Company

In our school we had this ritual of final year batch being given a send off by the rest of the school. It was a kind of school fest where the Passing out group had to enact a drama. We amongst ourselves debated a lot and everybody had an idea which was outstanding. Somebody suggested we enact Pygmalion or Gift of Magi, then a group came up with the idea of writing our own story which  would contain everything that we had in our mind regarding our life in the school. Problem was who would  write the story and then make drama format. Whoever took the responsibility would have to give no less than three to four days and surely his or her study would suffer. To add on it we had to enact a drama in the language even understood by the younger students who were not very proficient in English.

At last we zeroed in on to Ramayan. It was easiest as it had clear message of triumph of Good over Evil and there were many war scenes which would keep the younger students glued to their seats. Then there was this Monkey God, Hanuman, who was clear indication of love of God towards all even the animal world. Hanuman is the greatest disciple of Lord Ram, God incarnate, which shows that devotees stature in the eyes of God was not due to the fact that you are a human being but more due to the fact how well you serve God. In a Ramayana Hanuman is mentioned as Lord Hanuman and he is a symbol of devotion and strength, to the  younger kids he is also a symbol of comic relief. Ramayana is also  known to almost everyone yet no one gets tired of listening or seeing it being enacted again and again. Infact in the ghats of Benaras it is enacted almost everyday and you will find a congregation wherever it is enacted. Every year in Northern India it is an annual festival during Dussehra and is enacted in Ram Leela grounds near Red Fort in New Delhi and almost every alley.

We rehearsed quite a few times and had our parts by heart. I being the muscular one and also apt in vault was given the role of Lord Hanuman. In Ramayana if anybody needs much make up then first is Lord Hanuman and second is Ravana, the demon king.  The makeup incharge was Anjali, our classmate from humanities stream. She being a devout devotee of Lord Hanuman believed in Panchmukhi Hanuman (Hanuman with five faces). Since she could not fix more faces then the one that I had in original she decided to give five different shades, so that from every angle my face would look different. Being a sixteen year old like me then she was not that good and used some very permanent colours, which were not easy to clean.

So at the end of enacting the drama when everybody had changed to their normal dresses from the costumes that we had to wear during the drama, I was left alone with costume painted face rather than dress which remained for another two days.


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