Life is ever changing, nothing is constant. Our cells multiply in few years time we are made of different set of cells then we are born with, and I am talking about neart thirteen trillion cells that we are made up of. Our knowledge about everything changes as we grow up, newer frontiers of scientific knowledge makes the whole Solar system look different from what we knew from our childhood. ‘Twinkle Twinkle little Star…. ‘ well now we know Stars are not little but many times the size of earth though the distance from us makes them appear small.  Flat earth becomes round as we grow up, so everything changes.

Not true. The Politicians and their manipulative game stays same in the democratic world in most of the country. Whatever they are doing is for good of the country and whatever the predecessor form different party was for them to make money. The words are moulded differently but the inner meaning remains the same and that is true for most of them.

via Daily Prompt: Constant

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