Good Time


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Nothin’ But A Good Time.”

I have gone through periods in life when the so called free time is evrything other then Good Time. Just think all your responsibilities vanish for a day…. that is what the prompt says. So frieghtening, you have no responsibilities which means in this world you have no role. Here we blog not just to enjoy but as a kind of responsibility not to the world at large but to ourselves to satisfy our creative urge.Even to have a good time we need to have responsibilty.. to our children, our spouses. Infact we have most of our good times with our friends and most interesting part is that the firends change over a period of time. Your schoolmates our real close pals in your school days, during our days in college different set comes in and as we enter our professional field firstly it is our colleagues who slowly mutate into friends who stay with us throughout our professional lives.

All our enjoyments our fun moments are with them. Some of us think that we will have our fun moments with our families but they are an integral part of all our enjoyment and sorrowful moments especially for us Indians or I could say most of the Asians. We kind of stick together on all ocassions good or bad with our family. Fun is always when we do something contructive which happens mostly with our colleagues turned friends. So I find all my working hours as fun moments, why we even enjoy the deadlines and the tension attached with it.

Yet if you give me free time when I forced to shed all my responsibilities for a day I think it will be a time to update to become a better person, who is capable of giving back something to the society.

Love you all


Always Helpless


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Helpless.”

Sense of helplessness is something that happens to us everyday. Just think when you are trying to write this blog and the laptop just disconnects and despite waiting, praying nothing happens. What are you, helpless. You stand in the airport waiting for the flight to be announced and due to rain, fog or snowing the flight is inordinately delayed, you are helpless.

Everytime I sat for examinations I found questions which seemed to be far fatched imagination of the question setter and I was the most helpless person on the face of the earth.We have been helpless so many times that I feel that the prompt has made me helpless again.

I watched helplessly when Twin Towers were bombed, Taj Hotel, Mumbai was attacked and when bombs went off in Bangkok yesterday.Anything that is not in our control makes us helpless.When I saw Tiger looking into my eyes though I was good 300 metres away from my boat in the Sunderbans I felt a kind of fear and helplessness which cannot be expressed in words.

We need to have to control on situation or we are helpless such as I am on writing about this prompt.

Garbage free Community


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Community Service.”

Community of a man on move or rather on prepetual motion is something that changes with every other day. That is what is my community is. I am a travelling sales man who needs to cover or criscross nearly 3500 kms every month. I spend most of my nights in buses, trains and in motels or inns. My community keeps changing everyday depending whether I am travelling by Air, bus or train. To add on it many times I have to travel general class and not always premium class as getting the tickets is also a problem.

As my work is always on the move so my community is also always on the move. One thing I have understood that the problems of my community or any community is never static but is dynamic. Any town or city I visit face the same problem, magnitude depending on the size of the city or town. Bigger the city bigger problem. Especially in my country which is continuously trying to evolve into a developed from a developing country rapid urbanisation leads to the main problem of vast amount of garbage accumulation. More the garbage more the pollution to add on it booming population which continuously shifts from the rural area to urban areas to fulfill its dream of better life leads to acute shortage of essential living condition.

The only solution to any problem is education. Educate and empower women and any community or country will grow. The saying by Mahatma Gandhi ‘Cleanliness is next only to Godliness.’ is the only possible if mothers teach or rather ingrain the same in their children.Look at any community or nation that has progressed and it is because of the fit population. A fit popultion grows up in a clean society where sanitation and garbage is managed well. Perhaps this is the reason why Indian Prime Minister starts with fanfare Clean India movement, whatever his distractors may say.

So come let us create a garbage  and pollution free world, where all get an equal opportunity to grow.

Allegiance to Humanity


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Pledge Allegiance.”

Allegiance to your nation or nationalism is often quoted as Patriotism. What is Patriotism? Fighting for your country or supporting your country in any discussion vocieferously. Well if you belong to a country that has religion as its base, then it becomes a major question whether your country or religion comes first. The world over turmoil happening on the name of religion, mostly wrongly interpreted puts the whole humanity at risk.

Medieval history is replete with stories when men were killed, women raped and children were maimed in the name of religion and country or Kingdoms. Was that Patriotism? Do we wish to go back to similar situation again.Perhaps some misguided people across the world are doing the same even now, where in the name of religious dominance and countries hegemony aid workers, reporters are being butchered, women hostages raped.

All religion, all countries propagate the message of Peace and Love. Let us forget our petty boundaries and unite for the greater reality of Humanism, Love and Peace. If we have to prove allegiance then let us do it towards our humanity. What does it matter if treatment of Cancer is found in England, France or USA. It should benefit mankind to solve the problem.

Let us rise over everything in our Allegiance to Humanity, to LOVE

Incessant Change


We have this habit of continuously changing whether we want or not. Even scientifically we are continuously shedding our cells and adding the new ones, so by seven years we are completely new person but with same old habits. Most interesting part of human life is our continuous endeavour to change our old habits, which may be obsolete or in other words wrong habits. However most interesting part of our ‘habits’ are that they most difficuklt to change or breakdown. Just look at the word HABIT…. now break it down….. remove H and you are left with A BIT….. ok now remove A and you are left with BIT. Remove B, you still have IT. So those of us who say that we broken down a certain habit still have the same otherwise why in tense condition would you bite your nails or your lower lip.

Change or breakdown of habiuts I have tried time and again. I being a hardcore non vegeterian, decided that I need to break this habit of not eating if I did not get Non-veg…. so I went Vegeterian and for nearly two years did not touch Fish, Egg or Meat. Then I found that I was relishing my Vegeterian fare only insisting that I had milk and milk products. Soon took up the vow to leave Milk and Milk products because we human ar the only animal who take milk of other animals even when we do not need them. So another BREAKDOWN of habit. Become Vegan.

A last I have left this continuious habit of having to BREAKDOWN my habits. Comeon we are humans with certain habits which are different from others otherwise we all will be ROBOTS with no bad habit. We procrastinate and then again we only make up or suffer. Yes we should change some ugly habits which make us unsocial but in name of change and conforming to society let us not lose our originality. Let us not be strait jacketed into a society that conforms to everything that some puritan or leader thinks as right. We all are right with our habits which we will break and again resume on our sweet will.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Breakdown.”

Utopian Dream

Well to write about a new dawn just to mention one early morning sunrise is something not very interesting for someone who is an early riser by habit. Moreover it seemed that daily prompt wanted a real new dawn when there will be tranquility and peace in the world. Maybe an Utopian dream but that is what we all need. There is so much hatred in the name of religion, politics and territorial dominance for economic gains that it is an Utopian Dream to have a peaceful world. 

I pray to Lord,by whatever name you may call him or even not recognize him, that let there be a world of Peace, tranquility and no jealousy. Competition yes, Ambition yes yes but healthy and purposeful. 

Thank God you were riding just a bicycle

It was 4 in the afternoon and I had go for a Football match. Then I was in high school just in my teens and football meant everything in this world. In my new bicycle distance meant nothing. Actually to me it meant independence and thrill of speed.  Road that I used to take had very less traffic and I was at my fastest. In one of the bends I saw a man coming at leisurely speed from the opposite end and somehow I knew that I am going to crash into him. I just lost my balance went straight towards him at my menacing speed. Seeing me veer towards him that man stopped in his tracks and alighted from his cycle. Before he could take any evasive action I went and crashed into him. He fell flat with the cycle on him and me with my cycle on top of that. Somehow he extracted himself and then he helped me get up. I was quivering with fear seeing him hurt, though nothing serious.He smiled and then said “Thank You.” Bewildered I looked at him, he was grimacing in pain but again said,” Thank You and Thank God you were riding just a bicycle. Had you been driving a car then…….”

Well I have used similar statements later on when I was hit by Motorbike thanking for riding a motorbike and not driving a Truck.Interestingly these incidents or rather these undeserved backhand compliments do help the wrong doer correct himself or herself better then full fledged fights that happen after every mistake that is reprimanded in public.