Political mudslinging in India

India is a interesting place where personality cult matters. Infact people of India educated or otherwise are more impressed by the leaders personality or charisma, which may be just a media hype. In-fact to my thinking this is more due to centuries of rule by chieftains, kings or Jamindars (landlords). Even when the British imperialists ruled India they had the system of keeping these chieftains and Jamindars as the agents for collection of taxes and many landlords became money lenders charging exorbitant rates of interest, grabbing land of the poor and making them slaves if they were unable to pay back. The reformists fought almost lonely battle against the evils prevailing in the society and whenever they won those lonely battles they were made into God incarnate. Thus in the habit of Indian society there is an habit of glorifying an individual. Thus in politics there is a significant rise in Politicians who are projected as the lonely stars who can turn the country back into place of riches, solve all the problems in the society, the God of the future or perhaps as messiah. So you have Jayalalitha in South India, Mayavati  and Mulayam Singh Yadav in North India, Mamata Banerjee in Eastern India, Narendra Modi from Gujarat. And then there is Sonia Gandhi of the Congress party, who is de facto Prime Minister of India.

With the rise of Social media as a weapon to reach the middle class and the educated class of India one can find innumerable post where people post irrelevant comments eulogizing one leader or the other and criticizing the opponent leader without any substantial reason or knowledge. Infact there are often posts on Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the Nation and Jawahar Lal Nehru, First Prime Minister of the country which are often based on stupid assumption of some obscure foreign writer who perhaps not known in his or her country of origin. But in India if you are to prove that your leader is good and is God incarnate then you have bring down all other Gods who may stand a chance of competing with your God. So all is fair in LOVE AND WAR of POLITICS.


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