Real Luxury

Wish list is so long that now I have to come down to the thing which is costliest and which I wish I could afford. An airliner with all the amenities including bed, sauna, customized dining area and my car in the hold would be nice. I could and should be able to move across the world land at airport of my choice, having my car tour the city, go sight seeing would be good. Or should it be an island of my own with lush green vegetation, monuments, a small hill in the middle and beaches all around. Hope they will not take me away from my family, friends and people at large.

Reality is there is nothing in this world that satiates our demand for even more. If I had a dream-liner of my own then in few years I would get tired and look for a space shuttle. An island of my own would make me despot. Rather let me have the power to do good to the people who need help. If I had enough money then I would look to it that no single child was left out without education. I would not let any child in the world to suffer from malnutrition.There are n number of people in the world who were richest in their time, had all the luxury that money could buy but most of them are forgotten. Only those few who did something for the people of their times are remembered. They did all that not to earn name but to satisfy their own urge to help people and I think they had real luxury of knowing that people loved them. Real luxury is to have all the people love you and I am sorry money cannot buy that. 


9 thoughts on “Real Luxury

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