Staying Outside Helps

For almost five months sitting and shifting through reports for someone active in field is like ………… a player confined to dressing room seeing the game on television. Truth is you fret and get irritated every moment you are confined to your seat. When the days extend to months you get extremely depressed and blame everyone for your state including God.I think it is also right time to go through your actions with a keen eye to see where you went wrong and what little changes you can adopt in your game to be successful when you get that elusive chance again.

 Well I am going through that phase in my life when I am confined to desk to analyzing reports and raising questions on my colleagues and all this while passed through those motions of getting irritated and being depressed. Now after months when I am required to go back to the field again to lead a new operation I have taken to analyzing my actions when I was in the field and trying to find out where and what actions were not good enough or needed different approaches. Staying outside can at times give you a better perspective of things that happen and that should happen


9 thoughts on “Staying Outside Helps

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