Beginning of Civilization

Do you know that there is a tribe in Andaman Islands which is set of islands East of India? It is an integral part of India. There are quite a few tribes in these islands which are perhaps as old as the beginning of the civilization. There are two tribes whose name come to my mind, one is Jarawa and  the other is Sentinelese. The population of them is 450 and perhaps 40 (approximately) respectively. Though nowadays Jarawas have come into  higher contact with civilization, Sentinelese still maintain a significant distance from civilized society. They are an essentially hunter-gatherer society subsisting through hunting, fishing, and collecting wild plants; there is no evidence of either agricultural practices or methods of producing fire.[1] Their language remains unclassified.    

Given a chance of time travel we all would like to visit our past, to the beginning of the civilization. If I could pause my life and go to stay with them.It would be so nice to be a part of the society of nomads.Joining one of the several groups that stay with them in an unnamed islands of Andaman Islands.

Part of group, of being sheltered by a family, if they have that concept. I will become one of the warriors out to hunt for fishes with my bow or javelin catching fish from the sea. Bringing the catch to one of the beauty who is part of the group and falling in love with her. Having consummate relationship where to increase my acts of aggression or to control me lovingly cuddling me be a part of our lives. Where the beautiful breeze blowing from the sea would caress us, makes us come closer without language being a barrier. In-fact relationship should cross the limits of physicality and reach the emotional levels.

Life would be so much more simple without tensions of modern day. No religious barrier in love or living, no fanaticism only life of love and romanticism. Daily learning the nature from her with out disturbing the ecosystem or plundering the same in name of development. Well if I reach there will I will ever be able to come back to this life. Life would be so much more peaceful as Thomas Hardy would say ‘Far from the Madding crowd’.

Will that struggle for existence again make me wonder whether this is what I want. Will it make want to come back to this life with all its comfort, with all its short comings. Even if I have this urge to return will my new found love come along with me. Will not knowing the language, our inablity to communicate become a hurdle in our relationship. What if she refuses will I not come back? Whether here or anywhere else I think love is the only thing that binds us together, language or no language.

I would also learn more about mother nature. How to read the first rumblings of the earth to understand about coming of an earthquake or a Tsunami. How to be forewarned about natures fury and take measures to save ones own self. Were they not the people who took evasive measures to escape the Great Tsunami of 2004.

To add to it it would be much more easier then learning about progression of life then watching animated and acted telecast on Discovery or Nat Geo Channel.

Lastly while reading about this Daily prompt aloud with all my astonishment I heard Mrs Crooked Eybrows suggesting that I should go and live with the Jarawas or Sentinelese and learn what life is, what love is instead of staying glued to my Desktop. This is her idea which I am trying to develop.



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