Last Supper

I saw the prompt and remembered ‘Last Supper’. Hope next time they ask us to write smaller version of ‘Da Vinci Code’. A prompt that asks us to take a view on our last meal before an imminent end tomorrow. Something that is fun value to most of us may not be so easy for someone who is really dying. If you really know you are going to die tomorrow then perhaps you will not feel hungry, would not feel like talking to anybody and fell dismal rather then merry.

Okay let us take it in this manner if I had been war veteran (like my father) having served the country done it proud and then left to fend for myself. Do you think if I knew I would be dying tomorrow and leaving wife to fend for herself at her age and still thinking of a great dinner, great companions? Quiet difficult you will agree.

Now to the very situation when you know world ends tomorrow. Well that calls for a celebration because with it all uncertainties, all malice as well as all aspirations go. So no worry we enjoy. Eat drink make merry. Well for me good scotch whiskey with chicken drumsticks and green salad will do for starters. For Dinner I will have traditional home made food cooked by my mom and preparation of Illish (Tenualosa ilisha) with mustard sauce by my wife. Since it is the last day for all of us it will be difficult to have all my friends as they too would be busy with their families. So my family and  will call in some of those orphans with whom I am attached in an attempt to do something for the society. They are a part of social obligation but now I think they are a part of my life.(indeed thanks to the prompt this just came to me)

What will we talk ………. nothing just sing songs, recite poems. dance and be happy


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