Conqueror of Destiny

Results had just come out and my friend who was considered by us as Mr. Know All had failed. He was shocked and went in to a shell. We were more shocked. He was the one who helped us clear our doubts, helped us in our notes. His notes were so thorough and had references to support. How could he fail was the question that troubled us more then our own scores. He was studious, laborious and intelligent. Our dismay increased his depression. He stopped talking or meeting any one. He did not go for review which was suggested by our Professors.

We with time came to accept the fact that He will not be sitting in the next year classes. He became a recluse. His parents took him to a Doctor who referred him to a Psychiatrist. In those days in India people took a person going to a psychiatrist as insane. So he was not taken to a Psychiatrist. Then one day while returning from college we got the news that he had attempted suicide.We all rushed to his home and found that he had been taken to the hospital. He was saved.

Now we took it on ourselves to help him come out of depression. So every morning me, Anupam and Manoj went to his place before going to college. After college everyday we went to his place and slowly tried to bring him out of his shell. We tried to take him out for walk. He loved movies so we went for this Hindi Movie Muqaddar ka Sikandar (Conqueror of Destiny). The movie had Amitabh Bachchan in the lead role and he was our favourite movie star. In this movie there was this song which had this very catchy peppy tune and the wordings were magnificent. ……

Something clicked and our Mr. Know All perhaps smiled for the first time since the results were declared. He said to us that he is going to fight back. He did fight back and is now a senior manager in a pharmaceutical company. We are proud of him as well as for this song.



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