Better Person

Character from literature, film or theater that would inspire me to have a heart to heart talk. I have spent last ten minutes trying to think of a character with whom I would have a heart to heart talk. I can only think of one many who was born nearly 150 years ago in a middle class family saw his family fortunes take a downward turn. His wish to uplift himself and his country took him to spiritual path. Went to U.S at a time when many Indians thought that crossing oceans made them lose their religion. He taught no religion but taught people to be truthful to themselves and the religion they belonged to.

He was the man who reunited the Hinduism nearly 1100 years after Adi Shankaracharya. He died at the age of 39. He did tour whole of India, U.S.A and Europe and preached about vedanta philosophy. He knew English, Latin, Sanskrit and Bengali very well. If I could sit with him then I would just ask him only to tell me on how to be a better person. Help all who needed help and improve life around. Wish I could meet him. Somebody whom I came to know only through his writings and collection of his Speeches. A man who in his first public speech in Chicago in September 1893 says “Sisters and Brothers of America……”


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