Tongue jammed

Hid in our heart, unexpressed

Stories big and small, desires suppressed

Life going on, dreams stifled

Long forgotten we live, life failed.

When in my teens, saw her

Oh those beautiful eyes, kohl lined

Dreams that were mine, seen on those eyes

The smile, fluttering of her eyelids, dimple on her cheeks

Made me lose my heart, my mind

How unsure I stood, words failed

She smiled, eyes beckoning yet I lost her.

Just out of teens, confidence surging

With a plan in hand, drawn to detail

All loose ends tied, well prepared

Walked in to the room, success awaiting

Stammer, for the first time, I did

World seemed upside as words failed again.

Thirty years later, I met her again

Smiled we at each other

Talked all the time

Reminiscing past, gossips long forgotten

My heart skipped a beat, dreams returned

Wife called, my tongue jammed, I lost her again.


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