Which Culture is Best

‘Hey do you know about the spacecraft

They are putting best of modern culture to space.’

‘Modern culture to space, why?

Trying to throw it away’

‘Oh! you are always negative

Its like Noah’s Ark, so that best is saved.’

‘Why has the end of earth been predicted

Will they only save culture and our race.’

‘Negativity in thinking that’s your way

Preserving the culture for the future’

‘How do you know what is best today

May not be good enough in the future’

‘That is for the future to decide

We have a duty, a prompt to abide’

‘What is the best, who is to decide

World is no small place all cultures are different’

‘Now we have real problem

We will take best of all of the cultures which are different’

‘Will we take each from every country

That will mean 195 cultures, will that be problem.’

‘What? So many countries

Take the best of them forget the rest.’

‘Now perhaps we have a plan

Problem remains, who will decide which is the best’

‘Another problem, which culture is best

Do not send any of them to space.’

‘ Do not send anyone that is the best

If you have to send then save our race.’


6 thoughts on “Which Culture is Best

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