Completely Lost

Here we are morphing or mutating

Or changing colors like a chameleon

Suiting to the need, real or virtual

Completely oblivious of our real self

Just to be more popular

Morphing or mutating at will.


Devoid of sense or reason

Sometimes just for the heck of it

Living with multiple character

Trying to fit in here and there

Leading us away from the normal

Psychic problems on the rise

Due to our living for the heck of it.


Sharper tongues, harsher words

Slicing through the conscience

Hurting but making no difference

Away from our own style

Has become our hallmark

Increasing owns self esteem.


Sitting alone on my desk

Oblivious of the world around

Critiquing self, disturbed

Lies emanating from inside

Revealing itself as truth

Feeling lost, completely lost.





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