Dreams Soar

Unexpected loss of job, retrenchment as the company registers loses or is deep down in debt, is something that haunts us through out our professional life. The fact is it is something that I am facing now every waking hour of my life. Stressed I am almost always and without reason irritated. Still I have the job so I can only tell you what I am doing to stave off the imminent disaster that is staring at me.

Now when you have stuck to the same company for nearly twenty three years it becomes a part and parcel of your life. This is more like my home where I joined after just starting my career.  I started at low level to now become head of operation for one zone and then from nowhere this bombshell fell on us that the company is on block, up for sale. My salary has already risen to a level where getting something at the similar level will be a tough ask. To add on to it the number of positions at this level is restricted which makes my search even more tough.

Most difficult part in these situations is to keep your morale high. I try to psych myself that I can repeat my story again. Difficult part is that I am having tough competition from new highly educated younger generation who have the fire in them and have ability to dream. People of my age can match younger generation in other aspects but it is difficult to dream like them because we are grounded to reality. We have that small skepticism creeping in us which these young dreamers are yet to learn. We give real picture but the prospective employers look for that bit enthusiasm which though beyond reality lets the dream soar.

I have to bring back those dreams in me so I try and mix up with the younger generation and want to see their dreams. I know it is difficult but I need to do that so as to let my dreams soar………..

This is my 100th Post 


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