Difficult when you ask for just least favourite quality of mine. Ask my friends and they will start a list that may take half an hour to list. Anyway I am thankful that I have just write about just one. Which one is the question that will take much time to resolve.

Now if I ask Mrs. Crooked Eyebrows she will start with double the number of of what my close friends think. However she is happy to point out that being talkative is one thing that should always be in the list along with my forgetfulness especially with whatever she says. You can easily take the second part out as most women think their husbands do not pay any heed to them which not the truth. Reality is most husbands, especially ones married for decades always try to remember whatever their wives say but forget. Forget because wives always say too many things.

First point is being talkative and it is true given a chance I will continue for hours on any topic whether I know or not. Other quality which is really despicable is whenever I start anything I just cannot stop without completing. You may think that it is a good quality but in work area it leads to most people hating you more then liking you. Most of your peers and colleagues just will do anything to put you out of action.


9 thoughts on “Talkative

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